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Pink Sugar

Unique Custom-Made Healing Jewelry

Healing stones. Cremation pieces. Hand-made. Love and intention in every piece.


"Everything is energy and vibration, and I believe we never “die”, but transition from and to other dimensions or levels of vibration.  These creations are designed to elevate your vibration and bring you closer to your loved ones, and assist you in healing the body, mind and spirit. These creations offer beautiful healing gifts for yourself, or loved ones."

Renee Napolitano 

Founder & Creatrix behind The Love Lines

The Love Line Jewelry


The Love Line was created in honor of my brother Bernie, who left us just after his 50th birthday in the fall of 2014. Each piece of healing jewelry is infused with healing energy and crafted with specific semi precious stones from the earth designed to bring comfort and healing to the wearer. It will be custom tailored to meet your specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Information and input from you combined with an intuitive process, allows the creation of your one of a kind healing touchstone jewelry for remembrance and connection to your loved one, or for general health and healing.


"My 35 year old son died four years ago. I was devastated, inconsolable, simply broken hearted. I could imagine ever feeling "normal" again. I couldn't conceive of experiencing a sense of comfort or calm again. Fortunately, I have a loving family and a group of friends who are very patient and kind. Gradually I began to change, I started to laugh again and to feel more moments of joy and calm. One of the things that helped me heal was wearing my love line bracelet that Renee had made specifically for me (and my son). I know that she focused all her energies (prayer, intuition, meditation....whatever you want to call it) to purposefully select each stone and created a beautiful bracelet that helps me to feel connected to my son. Thank you Renee for the important part you have played in my healing journey. "

Jeanne E, Maine

Interested in your own Love Line piece?

Click below to answer a few quick questions about the design and intention behind your jewelry, and we'll reach out to you with all of the details! 

*Prices generally range from $50.00-$100.00 per piece when healing stones are used for custom pieces. Plain pendants on a key ring or necklace with silver chain or black cord start at $20.00.

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