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Hey there, I’m Renee.

Or, most people know me as a(n): 


  • Occupational Therapist,

  • Reiki Master, 

  • Life Coach

  • Mother, wife, sister, and daughter

  • Bass player and singer in Bad Penny

I help people of all ages, as well as their children access their innate healing abilities through avenues like energy healing, wellness coaching, herbology and more. My mission is to inspire you to become your own trusted healer, if I can do it, so can you!!


The Life Experience


After going through my own slew of life experiences including  health problems,  grief and loss, and raising an adopted child with attachment disorder and an addiction, I found myself feeling exhausted, resentful and depleted.

Naturally, I sought after codependent relationships with those around me to attempt to fulfill this inner void that was missing.


I was trying to “help and fix” everyone else around me, while blatantly ignoring my own issues. I felt like because I was out of control in my own life, it would be easier for me to try and control everything else around me. 

Which, newsflash: it doesn’t work. 

In fact, I ignored the signs of my body for so many years, in my late 40’s my depression began to manifest itself as anger,rage and chronic pain.

Using coping mechanisms like sex, alcohol, and rock’n’roll almost cost me my job and my marriage. The resentments became too painful. I couldn’t ignore these things for much longer, or I’d actually destroy myself trying. 

Very slowly, with a great deal of healing work, I started to find my way back to who I truly am. I’ve been in my marriage for 35 years and counting, and we continue to live a happy, joyful life despite our youngest’s ongoing struggles with addiction and recovery.

My intuitive abilities really began to blossom when I tragically lost my brother Bernie Yvon in 2014 in a car accident. Since then, I’ve been guided into mediumship and often receive information from your loved ones during our sessions together.

In fact, you can click on the button below to learn more about the Bernie Yvon Scholarship Fund.


I first started seeing Renee a year and a half ago. I was angry, lashing out, punching holes in walls, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, and beyond anxious and depressed. All these behaviors that weren’t MY norm, were flying out of me and I felt so defeated. Some days getting out of bed to shower sounded impossible. The traumas and pain I had tucked away my entire life all came exploding out of me when I turned 30. It couldn’t be ignored anymore

It was taking a toll on my marriage. I noticed how much I was hurting my wife, and she was my biggest inspiration to seek additional help. My wife also now sees Renee, she has truly helped the communication flow in our marriage. 

Renee has helped me unpack everything inside me that has held me down.  She has taught me about energy. I have learned that we hold onto traumas and the pain from those traumas can live in the body. If we don’t clear the negative energy from our body, it gets stuck, causing actual physical and mental health issues. I thought this was crazy at first, but felt I had nothing to lose.  So I laid on her table in her office and let her do her energy work. I can’t explain it, I don’t know how or why it works… all I can say is IT WORKED! And it’s still working. I feel more at peace than I have ever felt. The pain that used to run my life  has disappeared. I also now have a tool belt full of tools that Renee has given me to help me when my brain gets high jacked and physical symptoms take over. Believe me when I say this lady has helped me feel less “crazy” and more at peace than I have ever felt. For the first time in my life, I am able to thrive and do what I am meant to do on this earth and it is all thanks to Renee. I see her biweekly, and I’ll see her for life. I can’t get through this journey on earth without my healing partner!  Jess and Ana Clay 

About Embrace The Healing

We will use a Mosh Pit of Techniques to Accelerate Your Healing Process!!

Embrace The Healing began as a way for me to find relief and healing in my own life.


Through years of training and endless studying, you can expect to find a unique combination of everything I’ve learned to better equip you as you begin your healing journey.


Some of these techniques include:


  • crystals, 

  • essential oils, 

  • breathwork, 

  • acupressure 

  • tuning forks; 

  • medicinal herbs, 

  •  various energy healing techniques including generational trauma clearing.


Whether you’re brand new to holistic healing, or you’ve tried ‘em all, Embrace The Healing offers an individualized blend of healing remedies you won’t find anywhere else.

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