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Pink Sugar

The Love Line in Action

Healing-Infused Bracelets
The only cremation pendant available for bracelets currently is the small silver heart.


Remembrance Necklaces


Keep Your Loved Ones Close... and in Style!

Choose from the following pendants to carry your loved one's ashes in. 

This can be a human, pet, anyone in your life who you'd like to continue to keep close.

"I had been holding on to my fathers ashes for almost a year waiting to find the perfect cremation necklace to honor him with and to keep him close to my heart. I happened to see that Renee had posted a link to her cremation jewelry and decided to check it out. After talking with her about the different designs, she encouraged me to fill out the questionnaire. What came next was far beyond my expectations. I have been aware of the healing power of certain crystals and stones for a while, so when she told me that she designs each necklace based on your personal needs, I  knew that this was what I had been searching for. The love and care that she put into the whole process went above and beyond anything I could have purchased anywhere else. From designing the necklace based on my answers to the questionnaire and consulting my father spiritually to having me over to place my father's ashes in the pendant it was a deeply moving and healing experience. I am forever grateful to Renee for providing me with this beautiful, well crafted necklace to honor my father's memory with." 

— Shari, New Hampshire


Wear your loved ones with honor, love, and reverence.

Fill out a super short and sweet questionnaire and send it over to us! We'll get back to you within 48 business hours. 

Thank you for your patience. 

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