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AT LAST!! A fun way to help you and your child explore and manage emotions and behaviors!


You can ALL find more peace and calm with the right strategies!  It's time to THRIVE, not just survive!


      This kit for ages 4-12 contains everything you and your child need to help understand anger, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm. It includes many activities backed by science to help them sense, soothe, calm and rebalance their nervous system, and learn how to regulate themselves in a fun way.

Kit contents:

Full instructions, reusable body scan coloring sheet and "understanding your emotions" handout, dry erase marker,

jump rope, bean bag/target, pin wheel, rice bag for freezer or

microwave; 3 different scents of stress putty, acupressure

wrist bands, and activity cards.


The adult version is here...
       Ages 13-113! $39.99

     This toolkit has everything adults and teens need to help understand, soothe and calm their nervous system and regulate their emotions!
     We all heal TOGETHER. It's time to THRIVE, not just survive.


This kit contains: Rice pack for freezer/microwave; 2 scents of stress putty; 2 scents of essential oil rollers, scalp massager, worry stone, candle, incense, acupressure anxiety bracelet, eye mask, SereniTEA, SaniTEA, mini journal, stress ball, and a deck of activity cards filled with affirmations, sensory activities and strategies to calm and soothe your nervous system and restore you to sanity!!

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