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How can we learn to live with joy despite all of the chaos and struggle that seems to constantly surround us in our lives today? Anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain,etc are all ways that our body tells us we are stressed and out of alignment. I can help you learn to travel through the chaos and darkness, bring in healing and hope, and live your life out loud as you were meant to!!!

                                                  Check out these amazing testimonials!!


Tiffany, mom of 3 girls
age 26

"I was one of Renee's very first clients in 2018!! I have struggled with extreme anxiety since the birth of my daughter, and am very sensitive to medications which have not worked for me. I was searching for holistic options and found Renee. The energy work clears my anxiety and allows me to feel more grounded. The tools she has given me, including meditation, affirmations, crystals, herbal medicinal teas,etc have changed my life and allowed me to be the person and mom I want to be. My oldest daughter Amara just had her first session with Renee after the loss of our dog, Shadow. She loved it and can't wait to come back."


Stacy, mom of twins
age 39

"Renee Has been such a crucial part of healing for me both spiritually and emotionally. I look forward to every visit. I mentioned that my kids were having difficulty sleeping, and she recommended some pouches of "magic stones' ( rose quartz, quartz crystal, black tourmaline) infused with reiki to put under their pillows..they slept wonderfully with them! I've had reiki with other people and by far Renee is my favorite. She is such a caring, compassionate person and beautiful soul. I am very blessed to have her in my life."

(Stacy is featured here with her daughter in a photo bringing awareness to murdered and missing Indigenous woman in this country.) 

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Melodie, Mom, Grandma, and Nurse!

Renee has helped my grandson Noah soo much...He feels so special and loved, has learned how to relax and feel calmer and more confident, and he looks forward to every session. Seeing Renee myself has helped me learn how to relax more as well..and deal with my complex feelings toward my mom, and lessen my worries about my children and grandchildren.  


Noah, age 10

Noah struggles with behavioral and anger's what he says:."I love Renee..she helps me relax and I fall asleep!! I love her and her dogs, and they love me."


Nicole, age 40

"Renee gave me the most life changing,soul awakening, uplifting experience of my life. 10 out of 10; I absolutely recommend and love this beautiful woman's energy..she is the real deal."


Debbie,Social Worker,
age 63


"Upon meeting Renee you will feel instantly at ease. The space she holds is calm and inviting. Not only does she have the gift of healing the mind, body and soul, but she is also part therapist, intuitive medium, and very wise. I see Renee every two weeks and always look forward to our time together. I also look forward to the messages we often receive from my parents and brother on the other side."

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